Home Contract Deals LG Optimus L5 (E612) Deals Compared

LG Optimus L5 (E612) Deals Compared

LG Optimus L5 (E612) Deals Compared

Here are the South African Contract deals available for the LG Optimus L5. These Contract deals are compared between Vodacom and Cell C. Deals are valid from March 2013 until April 2013. Please make sure to verify the validity date for each service provider.

If you cannot find the deal you are looking for, or maybe you want to check the same deal but on different packages, i got you covered! Download the store deals booklet, all Service Providers are available (Virgin mobile, Vodacom, MTN, 8ta and Cell C).

[button link=”http://sacellularnet.co.za/2012/12/franchise-stores-deal-booklet-cell-c-vodacom-mtn-8ta-and-virgin-mobile/” type=”icon”] Download the Booklet[/button]





Available LG Optimus L5 Contract Deals

[column size=”1-2″]

Vodacom Deal: LG Optimus L5 On Smart Light

Package Includes

  • 100MB Data
  • 75 Of-Peak minutes
  • 100 SMSs

Phone Price

R202 SIM & connectoin fee (once-off)

[button type=”icon” icon=”heart”] R135 PMx24[/button]

Offer valid from 7 March – 6 April 2013 [/column]

[column size=”1-2″ last=”1″]

Cell C Deal: LG Optimus L5 SmartPhone on Straight up 50

Package includes

  • 50MB
  • 50 Minutes
  • 50 MMSs/SMSs

Phone price

[button type=”icon” icon=”heart”]R119 PMx24[/button]

Offer valid from March 2013 [/column]