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Promotional MTN AnyTime contract packages explained


In this article we will reveal everything you need to know before taking a contract with MTN on their MTN AnyTime contract packages. That includes but not limited to the amount of data, airtime and SMSs and at what rate is a call billed. It is important when taking out a cell phone contract not to consider only the price but what is bundled with the contract phone package.


MTN AnyTime contract packages come with:

Contract PackageAirtime amountInternet/Data bundle amountSMS amountMTN to MTN minutes amount
MTN Any Time 200R200200MB200*30
MTN Any Time 350R350350MB350*60
MTN Any Time 500R500500MB500*60
MTN Any Time 750R750750MB750*180
MTN Any Time 1200R12001.2GB1200*180
MTN Any Time 1500R15001.5GB1500*360


You might be wondering, why the asterisk (*) on the SMS amount? Because, the SMSs given consists of MTN to other and MTN to MTN. Here is a quick example: If you take the MTN AnyTime 200 package, you will receive 200 SMSs to use for the month. 175 of those SMSs you can only use them to send an messages to other MTN customers, and only the 25 you may use to send SMSs to other networks.

See table below for the SMS breakdown:

MTN AnyTime package inclusive SMS overview

Total SMSsMTN to MTNMTN to other networks

What you just saw on the table above is the kind of information that can surprise you right after you took the contract.


MTN AnyTime contract package call rates

MTN can give you 200MB data, 200 SMSs and R200 airtime and you’ll only pay R199 PM. Seems like you’re paying for the airtime and everything else is free including the device. Well, not really. 

See table below for the call rates:

Contract PackageIn-Bundle RateOut of Bundle Rate
MTN Anytime 200R2.30R2.85
MTN Any Time 350R1.95R2.35
MTN Any Time 500R1.95R2.35
MTN Any Time 650R1.60R1.75
MTN Any Time 1200R1.60R1.75
MTN Any Time 1500R1.50R1.50

Let’s explain what is meant by in-bundle and out of bundle rate.

In-bundle rate – This is the rate you’re being billed at while you are making calls using your monthly inclusive airtime.

Out of bundle rate – This is the rate you’re billed at when making calls using airtime that you recharged with. (i.e If you finish your monthly airtime and decide to “Top Up”, you will be billed at this amount.)

It should be noted that all calls are charge per minute.

Here’s one more thing I think it is important to note. Say you took the MTN Any Time 200 deal and you receive the monthly inclusive R200 airtime. Are you aware that the total duration of calls you can make from that R200 airtime is 87 minutes (1 hour and 27 minutes) only?

Isn’t this the kind of information that makes you wonder, was this contract worth it?


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