Below we list the available MTN deals for the iPhone 5 range of smartphones. These MTN contract deals are valid for December 2013.

MTN iPhone deals listed prices range from R279 to R849 on a 24 months contract plan. If you cannot find the MTN deals you’re looking for, download the MTN booklet.

See images below for quick specs of each iPhone.

iPhone 5 prices MTN Deal

iphone 5 mtn deal image iPhone 5 deals are available on MTN 200 and MTN 350 package for both 32GB and 64GB models. iphone-5-32GB-and-64GB-image

iPhone 5c prices MTN deal

iphone 5c mtn deal

iPhone 5C deals are available on MTN 100 and MTN 200 package for both 16GB and 32GB models.


iPhone 5S price MTN deal

iphone 5s mtn deal

iPhone 5S deals are available on MTN 200, MTN 350 and MTN 500 package for both 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

iphone 5s mtn deal packages

All MTN iPhone deals are valid through out December 2013, click here for more MTN specials.


    • Hi, you would need to call MTN and ask for a termination of your contract. Depending on how long you have left on the contract, there may be a penalty for the handset you received (it’s usually the phone’s cost divided by 24). You would need to pay that amount and give the 30 days notice to be able to cancel. Remember, you have the option to keep your number and just move over to prepaid. If your contract has lapsed already, but you’re continuing to pay for it as per normal, you could switch to prepaid (should be quite quick to do). This cuts off the billing cycle and you would be on prepaid rates with the contract phone. Alternatively, you can opt not to take another new phone, and sign another 24 month contract. This will enable you to get your current contract minutes/data/sms benefits, and much much cheaper pricing!


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