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Cell C increases out of bundle data rate

Cell C increases out of bundle data rate

In an effort to “encourage” users to buy data bundles instead of going out of bundle, Cell C today announced they will be increasing their OOB rate by 560%. Cell C is definitely taking a leaf out of MTN and Vodacom’s playbook with this out of bundle data rate.

The new rate is 99c / MB, up from only 15c / MB. When asked why Cell C made the decision, the company responded with:

Over the last few months Cell C has made adjustments to its data bundles, which now offer customers lower in-bundle rates (from as little as 2c/MB up to a maximum of 15c/MB). Cell C has designed these packages so that from the lowest usage to the highest usage customers get some of the most competitive in-bundle rates in the market. Customers are encouraged to purchase a bundle to benefit from our low in-bundle rates, with the out-of-bundle rate at 99c/MB.

One of the biggest headaches for end-users this causes, is the fact that Cell C doesn’t communicate the amount of data used up on their bundles before going out of bundle. This means that every single customer of Cell C needs to be very vigilant in watching their data usage, else find a surprise bill at the end of the month, ruining most people’s budgets.

However troubling the news, Cell C has dropped their bundled data pricing. 2GB now costs R199 (down from R310), 3GB is R299 (down from R460), 5GB is R399 (down from R770), 10GB is R699 (down from R1540) and 20GB will cost you R1199 (down from R3070)

With cellular companies beginning to cut prices in an attempt to win over clients, one needs to wonder if Cell C is making the right move here. As you will see from our previous post, Afrihost and MTN is definitely the better and cheaper choice for mobile data at this stage, with no contracts, and in some instances, much cheaper data bundles; Is Cell C struggling? Comment down below to voice your opinion!