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Cheapest MTN data bundle prices

Cheapest MTN data bundle prices

When looking for 3G/LTE MTN bundle prices in South Africa, you often only get the pricing available from MTN. One never really consider that your local ADSL internet provider might also have packages for your needs, at much cheaper data bundle prices or deals you wouldn’t be able to resist!

Here is a short comparison of the cheapest MTN data bundle prices available, when you can use the data, and if it requires you to sign a 24 month contract or not; Locking yourself into a contract may force you to stay with the provider and pay exorbitant amounts while your family & friends enjoy cheaper pricing elsewhere.

DataExtra TotalPriceContract PeriodOut of BundleDevice Included
MTN300 MB0 MBAnytime Data300 MBR14924 MonthsR0.50 / MBNo
Afrihost250 MB250 MBAnytime Data500 MBR29Month to MonthCappedNo
MTN500 MB500 MBNight Surfer Only1 GBR4924 MonthsR0.38 / MBNo
Afrihost500 MB500 MBAnytime Data1 GBR58Month to MonthCappedNo
MTN1 GB1 GBNight Surfer Only2 GBR7924 MonthsR0.29 / MBNo
Afrihost1 GB1 GBAnytime Data2 GBR99Month to MonthCappedNo
MWEB1 GB1 GBADSL Data2 GBR7924 MonthsR0.29 / MBYes
MTN2 GB2 GBNight Surfer Only4 GBR11924 MonthsR0.29 / MBNo
Afrihost2 GB2 GBAnytime Data4 GBR145Month to MonthCappedNo
MWEB2 GB1 GBADSL Data3 GBR11924 MonthsR0.29 / MBYes
MTN5 GB5 GBNight Surfer Only10 GBR29924 MonthsR0.29 / MBYes
Afrihost5 GB5 GBAnytime Data10 GBR297Month to MonthCappedNo
MWEB5 GB1 GBADSL Data6 GBR29924 MonthsR0.29 / MBYes
MTN9 GB9 GBNight Surfer Only18 GBR49924 MonthsR0.29 / MBNo
Afrihost7 GB7 GBAnytime Data14 GBR397Month to MonthCappedNo
MWEB9 GB1 GBADSL Data10 GBR49924 MonthsR0.29 / MBYes
MTN18 GB18 GBNight Surfer Only36 GBR89924 MonthsR0.29 / MBYes
Afrihost10 GB10 GBAnytime Data20 GBR497Month to MonthCappedNo
MWEB18 GB1 GBADSL Data19 GBR89924 MonthsR0.29 / MBYes