The Sony XA2 Ultra is a great phone for those who are looking to buy a reliable smartphone on a budget. The phone offers a big screen and a good battery life for a price tag which is about half of what you can expect to pay for flagship phones.  If your budget cannot afford the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Huawei Mate 10 Pro, then this phone is one which you can consider buying.  It costs about half the price of what you can expect to pay for other good large screen phones.

The phone looks and feels good. But just ensure that you are ready and willing to take on its big size.

The dual camera will also serve well for those who are heavy on taking photo’s and social media.  It also has a loud speaker for those who love to listen to music.

However because this is a middle of the range phone, it does also have its weak points. For some, it may be too bulky, a fast charger is not included and the camera is non-stabilized. Furthermore some parts of the phone are made from plastic. Moreover, it includes only 32 GB storage and has a middle of the range processor.  The SIM tray has no rubber seal and another drawback is a lack of water-resistance from the device.

More about Sony XA2 Ultra

The fact that some parts of the phone are made from plastic is not really a major issue as your hands will be on the metal parts for the most part.  The phone uses a USB-C connector and has a solid fingerprint scanner on its back.

Cell C are offering the phone as part of their Pinnacle 250 deal for R599 per month. As part of the deal, you get 250 minutes and SMS, 250 MB data and free WI-Fi calling.

The phone will also come with a free Gel cover Smart band 2.


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