Huawei Mate RS

This is a high-performance and luxury phone. While it is more on the costly side, it is a good buy for those who can buy it and who need a top of the range phone.

The phone is characterized by its elegant design and brilliant computer performance which is made possible through the latest AI technology.

The phone’s Leica Triple Camera ensures the user of top quality pictures and will capture even the smallest of details. The integrated 256GB flash-memory provides with plenty of storage for all your music, pictures and other files.

Through the use of the super-charge technology, the 4,000 mAh battery will charge normally 58% within 30 minutes and without cable through wireless quick charge.

This is a great phone to have if you do regular world-travel.  The phone also comes with a USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter.

More about Huawei Mate RS

MTN are offering this phone as part of their My MTN Sky Lite 3GB, My MTN Sky Lite 3GB+2GB and My MTN Sky Lite 3GB+7GB  deals.

For R1799 per month, the My MTN Sky Lite 3GB comes with 3GB data as well as unlimited calls and SMS’s.

My MTN Sky Lite 3GB+2GB will cost R1499 per month and comes with 5GB data as well as unlimited calls and SMS’s.

Moreover, My MTN Sky Lite 3GB+7GB comes with 10GB data and free calls and SMS’s. It will cost R1559 per month.


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