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Best Vodacom contract deal for the Samsung Galaxy S9 in May 2018

Best Vodacom contract deal for the Samsung Galaxy S9 in May 2018

For many years, Samsung have been a leading brand on the Android phone market. While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is once again a great phone, it does not offer much improvement from the S8.  It has a very similar design to the 2017 model and it is not hard to see why Samsung may have opted for this because the S8 was a great phone.  One of the areas where the S9 beats the S8 however is in the camera department and it also has amazing low-light capabilities.

The S9 also fixes one of the S8’s major flaws in that it is easy to unlock with either your face or your finger.  The phone is also great in terms of its 4k at 60fps video recording and the 960fps slow-mo clips with automatic motion detection.  Other tweak to this model is the improved speakers. It includes loud stereo speakers tuned by Harman which is a first for the Galaxy S lineup. It is probably the best sounding smartphone on the market, this is not to say that it will replace your Bluetooth speakers.

Other Major Comparisons Between Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8:

The fingerprint sensor is also now underneath the camera and not next to it like was the case with the S8.  It makes perfect sense to have the fingerprint sensor underneath the camera and makes unlocking the phone less complicated.

Samsung have also been promoting their A-R Emoji feature but it is nothing special at all!.

Like most Samsung phones, the S9 is expensive and if you have an S8, it will not be worth it upgrading to this model as it is similar.

Vodacom are offering the Galaxy S9 as part of their Red Select + promotion. For only R1149 per month x 24 months, you can get 800 minutes as well as 2GB mobile data. This also includes a one off 10GB data bundle, R50 off SA Florist Bouquet on any purchase, and R10 000 free Top Dog Educational Voucher.