The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the elder sibling of the Samsung Galaxy S9. It comes with an amazing camera and incredible features. When it comes to talking about the large screen there’s no other best deal than the S9 plus.
Let’s take a look about the best deal of Samsung Galaxy S9 plus!

The Samsung Galaxy S9 plus Screen and Display

It comes with a 6.2 inch widescreen Quad HD display. It got the remain series design though I like the edges of the display. It gives a smooth touch experience. Its display is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and its rest of the body is made of aluminum.
It’s widescreen gives the iPhone X display feature and cinematic feel.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera and Configuration

It comes with a 12-megapixel telephoto rear camera and has the ability to take the blur background pictures like a depth of field pictures. There also has some features like- augmented reality emoji’s, super slow motion recording, dual speaker. It has a 128 GB memory with loads of RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Battery

The S9 plus comes with a 3500 mAh battery life which is larger than the S9. That’s mean it has a higher capacity battery than the S9.
In real-world usage, It’s battery life lasted for an entire day and another half day. It also a battery saving options.

The best MTN contract deal price

If you like a large screen and want a portrait photo capturing smartphone then it is the no-brainer choice for you.
MTN offering you the best deal of Samsung S9 plus by R729.00 PM × 24 Month of EMI. And they also offering you unlimited calls and SMS in telecom users and 3 GB data for your browsing life.
Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the huge screen smartphone with a powerful battery life.


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