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Best budget phone 2018

Best budget phone 2018

Find out the best budget phone 2018 for your business or individual use. Our Editor looks around the number of phones and

1. Honor 9 Lite
The Honor 9 Lite might not have all the mod cons but it’s one of the cheapest phones around to offer an 18:9 screen with a bezel-free design. It’s an attractive phone and general specs are good, including no less than four cameras. It doesn’t have flawless performance

2. Motorola Moto E5
The Moto E5 is one of the best budget phones around. Of course, you can spend a bit more and get something better but if you’re looking for the cheapest phone around that won’t make you want to throw it in the bin after a few days then this is it.

We’re very impressed by the design and build quality along with a number of features including the screen, camera, fingerprint scanner and battery life.

3. HTC Desire 12+
The Desire 12+ is a decent effort at a budget phone and there’s a number of things we like about it. Namely the lightweight and comfortable design and generally good performance.

However, it falls down in a little in some key areas such as the screen which isn’t as crisp as we’d like and the cameras which under-perform.

When you consider that the Honor 9 Lite is the same price and improves on these areas, it’s a bit of a no brainer.