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The Samsung Galaxy A6 Review

The Samsung Galaxy A6 Review

The Samsung Galaxy A6 is a budget alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, It’s less powerful, a little less pretty, but also costs a third of the price.

For some, the combination of a desirable family name and smart design will be enough.
However, that the Moto G6 Play and Honor 9 Lite get you more in almost every area for less money is hard to ignore.

Key features
18.5:9 OLED screen with low 1480 x 720 resolution
Lacks USB-C and camera features
16MP cameras on both front and back

Samsung makes several phones for people who can’t afford the Galaxy S9 family of mobiles. The Samsung Galaxy A8 simply takes away some of the flashy extras,
without all that much of a day-to-day compromise.

The Samsung Galaxy A6, on the other hand, has a few more obvious cuts, made in order to lower the price further. It uses an 18.5:9 OLED screen, but the resolution is just 1480 x 720 pixels, for example.

It does not have USB-C charging either, sticking with dated micro USB instead. And most camera additions are absent too, like optical image stabilization (OIS), advanced processing and Auto HDR.

The bottom line is Samsung Galaxy A6 is a wonderful phone that you can get.