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Privacy Policy

PhonePricesCompared.co.za takes privacy issues very seriously. Submission of personal information is not required in order to browse the website. We use demographic and traffic information of our users only to analyse the readers community and may also provide it to potential advertisers and business partners. This does not include personal reader information. Submission of this information on Phone-Prices-Compared is always optional and will never be provided to third parties.

To ensure that the users email addresses will not get in any bulk mail lists or newsletters, we at Phone-Prices-Compared modify the addresses so any email collecting scripts will not be able to gather them. Besides that, only when the user posts a comment or fills in a form it is obligatory for the user to provide an email address and / or name in order for us to prevent or decrease spam tactics. This information will never be provided to third parties.

Cookies are used for maintaining user information and behaviour on the website. These cookies are small files, which are stored on your computer and contain information like your username and your current preferences. You may also receive advertising cookies from our advertisers and affiliate partners. This is a standard practice in the Internet industry. We have no control over these cookies.